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    We are excited to offer People Footwear in our shop.  Read more about this earth-conscious brand!


    People Footwear believes in sustainability, inclusiveness, equality, and celebrating the differences that make US all unique. Their manufacturing has been established with the environment in mind -- and they are proud to have a zero-waste production policy, a heavy focus on automation, shared resources, and are dedicated to keeping our product simple and cool.

    For People Footwear, recycling isn’t just an action – it’s a lifestyle. The greener, the greater, right? Their shoes are totally recyclable, totally vegan, and totally stylish. Lightweight and durable, what more could you really ask for from your footwear? Your footprint just got a whole lot greener.

    Reducing their carbon footprint, creating 100% non-toxic and animal-free footwear, and making shoes that look darn good is just the beginning. They believe in taking a Tread Lightly approach, but they also put their money where their mouth is. Not only is their line of shoes environmentally-conscious and responsibly produced, they also focus their efforts on bringing attention to sustainable and ethical business practice and animal rights. Their objective is to drive awareness and help causes that are close to their heart. Be the change, right? 

    Ready to try one of their cool styles?