Beau Hudson Denim Jegs Skinny Jeans (Size 6-12mo)

$ 45.00

Welcome back the Beau Hudson Denim Jegs Skinny Jeans!

They are still the same super comfy Beau Hudson Jegs, however with more stretch, more durability and more fade! Made from real denim with authentic stitching inspired from the classic 5 pocket style, but without the hassle of bulky buttons and zippers. They have an elasticated waist that will stretch with your growing child (and also makes quick toilet dashes easier) and Mr. & Miss Independent can get themselves dressed in the morning with ease.

They have been designed for comfort as much as style, made from 98% cotton 2% elastane. These stretch denim Jegs have been jumped in, super hero fly kicked in and pass with flying colours. 100% Unisex these Denim Jegs look perfect on both boys and girls. We have also introduced the Beau Hudson Baby Jegs which are size 6-12 months (however can fit from 3 months.) *Please note - the baby Jegs are made from a slightly different fabric as this fabric is softer for mini legs, without needing quite the same amount of durability as jeans for running, tree climbing, and wrestling little stunt babes!

Denim Jeg Size Guide> They are made to fit true to size. What your child generally wears in pants, will be what the size we recommend (ex. if your child is 2 but wears a 3, then we would suggest the size 3.) Our Jegs are made to fit skinny, but the stretch in the denim allows for this. If your child is at the end of a size range (ex. they are growing out of a size 1 in their current pants) then we recommend sizing up. If our Jegs are long in length on them, this is totally fine as they will just have more scrunch in the leg (they wont hang over the foot or get in the way.) If you have a baby that is nearing 12 months and is average size OR you have a baby that is slightly younger with lots of bubba chub- then we recommend sizing up to the 1 (if you want room for them to grow.) 

SIZE                OUTER LEG

6-12m      16 1/4 inches

1               18 3/4 inches

2               20 3/4 inches

3               22 3/4 inches

4               25 1/4 inches

5               27 1/4 inches

6              29 inches

As our Jegs are made to fit skinny, the best way we have found to get them on with ease is to cuff the ankle of the jeans before sliding the foot through, and then when the foot is in, simply unfold! There is a sticker on your Jegs to remind you of this also as it really makes the biggest difference when getting them on! The sticker reads:

As we are made to look and fit super skinny, we may seem snug around the ankle when you go to put us on. The best way to do this with ease is to cuff us back at the ankle and then slide your little ones foot through (which allows a slightly wider opening.) And then when the foot is in you can unfold us again which will give you the desired look! And remember, we will stretch as we are worn to move comfortably with the active little legs were on! 

*All sizing is approximate and a rough guide. Please use your own discretion on sizing based on the information provided. Please allow for slight colour variations of denim in photos due to lighting.*



Halen is 5 1/2yrs, 23kg (50lbs), 118cm (46.5 inches) and wears the size 6 in our Denim Jegs. (Halen can also wear the size 5 for a skinnier fit.)

Duke is 3 1/2 yrs, 18kg (39lbs), 104cm (41 inches) and wears the size 4 in our Denim Jegs. (Duke can also wear the size 3 for a skinnier fit.)

Knox is 9.5 months, 9.5kg (30 lbs), 75.5cm (29.5 inches) and wears the size 6-12 months in our Baby Jegs. 



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