Laceez No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces in Various Colors

$ 7.99

Laceez are elastic shoelaces for kids that turn any sneakers into slip-ons. Kids love them because they can slip their shoes on and off with ease, and parents love them because they don't have to tie shoelaces 100 times a day!

How do they work? 

The Laceez patent-pending aglets (that's the shoelace tip) slip into the two top shoelace eyelets (that's the shoelace hole) & easily locks into place. The custom stretchy material of the easy elastic laces allow almost any shoe to be put on and pulled off without tying or untying those pesky shoestrings. A pair of Laceez turns your child's shoes into comfy slip-ons, while offering a presentable look with no dangling shoestrings.


XS Fits Shoe Size 7-9

S Fits Shoe Size 10-11

M Fits Shoe Size 12-13

L Fits Shoe Size 1-2

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