Tips for Toddler Boy Fashion

If you are like me, than it has been a struggle to find fashion forward, unique, and trendy boys clothes!  After having Roman - my oldest - I learned a few tricks to dressing a boy that will really make a difference, and make him stand out!  Take a look below, and feel free to add any tips you have for toddler boy fashion!


//  Don't buy 'outfits' from one brand. //  Try to dress your boys the way you dress yourself - with jeans from one store, a top from another store, shoes from another store - and so on!  Mixing and matching brands makes for a more cohesive look - and it's not so matchy-matchy!  I love to pair a really great fitted slim tee (like this one) with a pair of cut-off jeans and some chucks as my boys' summer uniform!  These versatile pieces can be worn multiple ways, and can make a wardrobe seem larger!


// Boys have accessories too. //  Yes, girls have the bows and the bracelets and the purses, but there are some really great/fun accessories for boys too!  My little guy loves to wear his little hipster glasses when he goes to school, and he has to have his sunglasses on anytime we go outside - and these accessories just look so cute on a little toddler!  Little pops of color with accessories are fun too, like colored shoe laces, shoe wings (how cool are these?), and baby bandana bibs!  As with girls' accessories, boys accessories complete an outfit - and there are so many cool options these days!


// Shoes are key! //  Nothing ruins a great little boy's outfit than the wrong pair of shoes!  There are so many amazing options for little boys' shoes - i.e. Converse, Adidas, Natives, Toms, Keep Shoes, moccasins (for babies), and Sperry's.  There is a time and a place for a pair of Batman sneakers - and if your little guy is wearing a rad little outfit - complete the look with some rad little shoes!


// Dress him like Daddy. //  Whenever I am shopping for my boys, I always think, "would my husband wear this?".  I just love dressing little boys like men!  Now, I'm not necessarily talking about suits and wingtips (although that's pretty adorable, too) but I'm not one for characters and appliques.  What grown man wants to walk around with a t-shirt on that has a dinosaur holding a guitar that says, "My Dad Rocks!"?   To get the "dress him like Daddy" look, follow these simple rules:  Look for fabrics - like soft tri-blends;  look for styles - like raglans and cardigans;  look for fit - like slim and tailored; and look for more masculine colors - like grays, blacks, and navys.  The perfect piece to have him dress like Daddy is a tri-blend cardigan that is fitted in a gray tone - and with pockets!!  Swoon!!  It can be dressed up or down, and is a great staple for all seasons!!


Any tips for dressing your boys more modern and trendy that you'd like to share?  






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