Our Favorite Tees - PREFRESH

If you live in the US, than you know what I mean when I say, I am ready for this Polar Vortex winter to end!!  In Indiana, we had snow on the ground for over two months!  This never happens!  So...with the first sign of sunshine and 50 degree temps, we are pulling out the shorts and tees!


In the spring and summer, my boys LIVE in t-shirts!  And I don' t mean the free tees we get from VBS every summer, but some really super comfortable, fitted, graphic tees!  Our favorite brand of tees right now is Prefresh!  Not only does Prefresh come up with amazing new styles for their tees each season, but they are the BEST fit and BEST material for boys tees!  Our personal faves are the Prefresh Rad and the Prefresh Hello Ladies tees, and every time we wear one, everyone has to know where they can get one for their little guy!  We pair our awesome tees with either our super comfortable bottoms like Appaman Brighton shorts or cut-off jean shorts for a more edgy look!  And did I mention my boys love the feel of their Prefresh tees?  The tri-blend tees are so ultra-soft with a heavier texture, and their garment-dyed tees have a tight-knit sheerness to them - which makes them super-soft as well.  

What tees do your kids love?

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