What to Pair With our Cool Boys Tees and Tanks - Jorts?

I have had several people ask - in person, through social media, via email, you name it - "What do you pair with this tee?" or "What bottoms do your boys wear with their tanks?", and to be honest, the possibilities are endless!  The tees and tanks for boys that we carry at Roman and Leo are so versatile, you could pair them with really any type of bottom - jeans, cargo khaki shorts, chinos, basketball shorts, harem pants, sweat shorts, colored skinnies, or my current obsession - pairing our favorite tees and tanks with cut-off denim shorts!  You heard me right, jean shorts, jorts, whatever you want to call them!  With a frayed edge and a skinny fit, cut-off denim shorts for toddler boys look so cool, edgy, and go with everything!  My current faves are from the Gap - and I think we have at least 5 pairs of these for my boys for the summer!  Wish I could find a great pair to carry at Roman and Leo, but for now, I'll stick to the Gap for this staple!  

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