Why We Love Joah Love Kids Clothes

1.  This one is a no brainer, but their urban and edgy style is my favorite!  I love finding unique pieces that you don't typically see on children.

2.  The materials Joah Love uses, from their super-soft and sheer distressed tees to their light-weight harem pants, all feel so great on my little guys' skin.  Great material makes for comfortable kiddos.

3.  I love little boys in non-conventional colors, and Joah Love's collections offer just that!  Each season they introduce new and unique colors that really stand-out in a crowd!

4.  Fit is important to me when dressing my boys.  I am always looking for brands that fit my kids well. More fitted and tailored-looking items look more polished.  Clothes that fit baggy and boxy tend to look a little more sloppy.  Joah Love has mastered a great fit for little boys.  Some of their items run big - so I will size down from time to time on some of their tees, but overall, they are a longer and more slim fit, which I LOVE!

5.  And last but not lease...all Joah Love items - all of them - are made in the beautiful USA.

Enough said. :)

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