Our new friend, Mom In Me, MD

One of the things I love about having our own shop in downtown Fishers, IN is all of the great people I meet!  I love when someone comes into our store and is so excited to finally have a shop that is dedicated to cool boys clothes!  We chat about all of the styles we love and how we dress our boys, and it turns into a conversation about our kiddos and their little personalities!  

It's such a great feeling to have someone enter the store and say their best friend told them they had to come in and see all of our trendy and modern boys apparel - and then through conversation we learn we have several mutual friends and we went to the same college!   I love all of the connections I make with each and every shopper and knowing it all started because we have a similar interest - looking for trendy boys clothes!  

One of our recent shoppers, Emma, was so gracious to write a blog post about our shop on her new blog - The Mom In Me, MD.  Emma is a family physician, and public health specialist, and a Mom.  Her insights on motherhood being both a health care provider and a patient, really help other Moms who are going through similar situations understand both sides.  At any rate, please take a look at her blog where you can read what she had to say about Roman & Leo here! 

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