{ Trendy Boys Haircuts } - The How-To Guide To Getting His Hair Cut

If there is one thing that can make your little guy look like a big boy, it's a haircut!  There is nothing like a fresh haircut on a little boy!  Whether you're looking for your baby's first haircut or just trendy boys haircuts for your toddler, there are a few steps I suggest in this process!  Having 2 boys who get complimented on their hair daily, I think we've got it down to a science!
Trendy boys haircuts

1.  Find a barber, or someone who knows how to cut men's hair.  This may seem silly, but if you are looking for a really great haircut for your little boy, you have to find someone who is great at cutting hair, and more specifically, cutting a men's-style haircut.  Ask friends if they recommend a barbershop or barber who cuts their husband's hair!  Most barbershops have TVs or suckers to keep your kids distracted, so don't feel like you have to take your child to a place for children's haircuts only!

cool little boys haircuts 

2. Bring a photo with you to show the barber.  Don't we do this when we get our hair cut or colored?  We bring in photos of Reese Witherspoon or Julianne Hough to show our stylist how we'd like our hair to look.  Searching for photos to bring with you to the barber is also a way to get lots of ideas of how you'd like to have your son's hair cut.  The barber will appreciate this as well, because this is his/her opportunity to understand exactly what you're looking for, and can ask you questions to be sure he/she is providing the cut you want.   Below are a few pictures of our favorite trendy boys haircuts, so feel free to steal some of our pics to take with you for inspiration!

cool baby boy haircuts cool boys haircutstrendy toddler boys haircutstrendy haircuts for boys

3. Get your kids excited about getting their hair cut!  When my kids were little, there is a pizza place next door to our barber, and we would always get breadsticks to eat after haircuts.  This made it exciting for them, because they knew we were going to do something special whenever they got a haircut.  Snacks/treats are typically my go-to bribe, but maybe giving them some technology-time (i.e. iPad) while getting their haircut will get them excited!  Now that my kids are older - almost 7 and 4.5, they have a relationship with our barber who they've been going to since they were one, and they love going to see him and telling him about exciting things happening in their lives!

unique boys haircuts

4.  Keep up with the cuts/style.  It may initially seem time-consuming taking a toddler to get his haircut, but once it's been cut a couple of times, it shouldn't take much time.  Our barber can cut my 2 sons hair in about 35 minutes for both cuts!  Most kids don't need haircuts as often as men, but taking them monthly to clean-up the cut around their ears and neck is important to keeping up a trendy boys haircut!  And don't forget the product!  Hair needs product to stay in place, and our favorite hair product is: Layrite Pomade!  This stuff holds really well, and washed out so easily because it's water-soluble, which is important at bath time!  I also love it because it creates a nice shine, and a little goes a long way!

5. Make sure your little guy is happy with his haircut!  As we all know, toddlers become opinionated at an early age, so getting your little one involved in helping to pick out the haircut, or the 'reward' for his cut, will help him feel like he's a part of the decision!  Early on, my boys had no opinion on their hair.  Now, they like to have a say in their style.  Giving them a couple of haircut options in the form of pictures before each cut has worked so far, so keep your fingers crossed they continue to be easy-to-please! :)

trendy boys haircuts

**If you are local to our all boys store (located in Fishers, IN), I get asked daily where our boys get their haircut.  We take them to True Barbers in Carmel, as my husband has been going to the same barber for 7 years, and we just love him!  


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