Have you joined our Rewards Program or linked your in-store rewards account?

If you have an in-store Rewards account, you MUST link your account prior to shopping online.  It's simple!  Take these steps in the following order:

1.  Create an account, or sign into your Roman & Leo account by tapping LOG IN on our site.

2.  Tap the image below, and enter your name, email, and telephone number to join, or link your in-store account. 

3.  Every time you shop with us in-store and online, when you are signed into your account on our site, you will earn points for dollars spent! 

**Please note - Rewards are not retro-active.  You must be signed up and signed into your account to receive your rewards.  Rewards cannot be added from past purchases prior to signing up for our Rewards Program, or if you aren't logged into your account when placing an order.  Rewards are subject to change at any time.**

Whenever you shop with us, you'll receive points for your purchases, and once you've spent over $100, your first reward will be a $5 Reward to spend on a future order! 

Save $5, $10, $15, $20 on future orders with your points you earn from your purchases!  You can bank your points to earn more rewards, or spend your rewards each time you earn them! 

And your rewards never expire! 

Please note, Rewards are forfeited when a return is made.  A return will only return the amount that was paid onto a gift card based on what was paid when the purchase was made.

To see rewards earned, tap VIEW MY REWARDS at the top of your shopping cart, but be sure you are signed into your account to see your rewards!

Tap the image below to sign up/link your account once you are signed into your account!